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For over 30 years, Designing Women Inc. has delivered premium design services to clients from across the globe, working on houses of every style, with flexibility for every budget. The team can communicate in languages including Farsi, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

Designing Women Inc. has been proud to call the Hickory Furniture Mart home since being founded in 1984. Being physically located inside the mart allows Designing Women Inc. to provide clients with access to luxurious and quality products that can only be found in the most prominent furniture manufacturing region of the country. Through the firm’s Designer For a Day Service, clients are personally led through the Hickory Furniture Mart as the team’s professional designers help them find the best options for furniture, fabrics, and accessories.

Designing Women Inc. is the originator of the Designer For a Day service, and has no association with individual decorators or businesses advertising similar services.

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Our main purpose is to make your space yours and most important fabulous.

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Our services speak to the many dream homes and lives we have changed and made beautiful.

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Full service design team.
If you can dream it we can make it happen!

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