• Working with Designing Women was so worth it. Kirsten took the pain out of everything. It was like magic!
    Chuck and Janet Tomlinson, FL
  • Kirsten from Designing Women saved my marriage! Well, maybe not literally,
    but my husband and I have very different tastes and were dreading
    furniture shopping together. We decided to work with Designing Women
    for our trips to Hickory Furniture Mart and agree it was the best decision
    we could have made! Kirsten steered us through the process of picking
    furniture that we absolutely love (BOTH of us)! She gave excellent design
    advice, helped us pick a color scheme, fabrics and rugs. We will definitely
    be back to Hickory to purchase more furniture in the future, and we'll
    definitely be working with Designing Women again.
    I can't recommend them highly enough!!
    Lauren Wies, MD

  • Sally is a design goddess and the very best in the business. She helped
    us to fully furnish a new 5,000 square foot home over a holiday weekend
    and made the process more fun than we ever could have imagined! She has
    a brilliant eye and never let us settle on a piece of furniture or fabric
    that wasn't one hundres percent right for our unique CT home. Coming to
    Designing Women was one of the best decisions we've made and we look forward
    to working with the Sally again on all future projects.
    LM, MD

  • This is a very experienced firm that I have worked with and many of
    my friends have. No matter how big or small the job is, they have always
    treated it with the same enthusiasm. I have been very pleased with the
    service they have given me. I would highly recommend Designing Women
    to all my friends. Do yourself a favor, and give them a call.
    Barbara, NC

  • We have all been glowing all night! Thank u so much for all
    your time and expertise. When u are back at work this week
    I was hoping u may also add in a comforter and throw blanket
    for the master bed. I can find sheets but have a hard time
    settling on any bedding that works. I would appreciate your
    opinions there. Looking forward to chatting next week about
    the remaining bits. Thanks again!
    All the best! Dianne

  • Donna - I can't thank you enough for a wonderful, fabulous day!!!
    Just fantastic!!! I am so excited about my purchases and cannot
    wait to get home and play around with the ideas we discussed.
    We had such fun moving furniture and getting Renee's rug down
    (poor GQ didn't know what hit him!!!) - - I was ready to do the
    rest of the house but time to catch a flight!!!
    Thank you so much again!!!

  • Just wanted to send you a quick Thank You for yesterday.
    I will be very honest with you, I wasn’t even sure that I had
    made the right decision to use a designer since I’m such a
    control freak and having done two homes before, I had just
    about convinced myself I could do it again. However, moving
    to a new region and a new style home is not only new and
    exciting for me but somewhat overwhelming.

    I truly believe that things happen for a reason and meeting you
    yesterday was an answer to my prayer. I felt very comfortable
    sharing my ideas and vision with you. After yesterday's visit
    I’m confident that my dream of what my “Forever Home" will look
    like will definitely come to fruition.

    Have a great day and I’m sure we will be in touch.
    Kim B.